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An extensive experience in every field


Meet The Family

Remake was born in 2019 and was founded by Giulia and Luigi, brother and sister.
We will support your startup as if it was our own.

Giulia D'Antuono

Co-Founder & Pitch Deck Expert

Luigi D'Antuono

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Irene Brogelli

Presentation & Graphic Designer

Angela Bonaccorso

Presentation & Graphic Designer

Sergio Soci

UI / UX Developer

Antonio Mazzeo

Financial Analyst​

Liz Schiavone

Project Management

Alex Shabliy

Pitch Video Creator


Certified by University
of Cambridge.

We’ve been certified by the Cambridge Startup Funding: Pre-seed to Exit Programme. We have attended this programme for you! We have specialised in understanding and applying the main steps needed to raise capital – especially at a venture’s earliest funding stages (seed to Series B).
The program equipped us with knowledge that fuses together the fundraising skill set and the managerial competencies and skills that will help you balance the steps forward and the decisions needed to go from pre-seed through exit.

We have a deep understanding
of our clients’ needs from every culture.

We have an international mindset. Our mixed experience, combining challenging environments with stimulating cultures worldwide, made us able to understand each clients mindset and way of thinking.


Our fields of expertise

We helped startups coming from any industry, which made us specialise and touch-base the latest trends and most technological subjects. We are well ready for yours.


Make-up, Skincare, Fashion Beauty, Parfums.

NFT & Crypto

Digital arts, Open Sea, Collectibles, Digital Wallets.


Decentraland, Token-based Economics, Blockchain Tech.


Supermarkets, Restaurants, Fast food, Delivery, Luxury.


Energy, Ocean, Clothing, Products, Nature.


Casual, Fashion, High-end, Sustainable, Accessories.


Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Golf, Online Sports.

Real Estate

Construction, Agents, Hotels, Restaurants, Investments.


Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Analytics.


Venture Capitalists, No-profit funds, Banks, Cryptocurrencies.


Medical, Online, Dialysis, Surgery, Robotics.


Online Sports, NFTs, Crypto dnd Data collectives.


Not only the Startup world...
...but also Multinational Companies

Not only we support startups on the branding, identity and business side for investors, but also multinational companies for important events such as global conferences, webinars, meetings and online learnings, by communicating the right message, in the right order and with impactful visuals.

We have supported the Affiliate Marketing Event of the Year for AWS in Dubai, for the world’s top affiliate marketers and ecommerce entrepreneurs.

We have supported Thoughtspot at the BEYOND.2022 conference held at Wynn Las Vegas, for their exiting annual data analytics event of the year.

We helped with the visuals and communication for ManageIn Courses, specifically made for managers who need to improve their leadership skills.

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