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3 ways to make your Business Card memorable.



65% of people are visual learners.

The next time someone tells you that Business Cards are obsolete, tell them that they are obsolete. If professionally and creatively designed, a Business Card can create a memorable first impression on your potential customer. People still like business cards, and they are very useful and efficient when created with a winning strategy and creativity.

Furthermore, if you distribute a creative and high-impact Business Card, that person is likely to show it to others, putting you and your brand in front of more perspectives and opportunities. However, this effect does not happen with any type of business card, but only if it is attractive and has been designed in a unique way.

Let’s face it, most business cards are boring as hell. Then why do we still use them?

We distribute them to professional networking events or leave them on the stack at reception so that visitors can take them with them. And that’s where it ends. The rest depends on fate. In the Internet age, some argue that Business cards are as outdated as a landline phone.  
But how can you make sure your business card isn’t thrown in the trash? To get a business card that won’t be thrown away, you need a little creativity. There are numerous design elements that you could experiment with to make sure that your business card makes the right impression for you and your brand.

Let’s face it, most business cards are boring as hell. Then why do we still use them?

1. Use dark or vivid colours

Source: Design Crowd Blog

Most Business Cards are designed on a white paper with black text, so boring!

As a consequence, they are meant to merge with the rest of the business cards and then end up directly in the trash later. Instead, why don’t you explore a design that features a dark background or even super bright colors?

A simple design change like this takes your business card from being unnecessary and forgettable to a fantastic and captivating one. Just think of how a black or dark blue Business Card convey that sense of luxury and value to this ‘piece of paper’. Just make sure you’re using a color that works and is in line with your Brand Identity. Also, make sure you have enough contrast. Even if you only use white characters on a black card, your business card will certainly make its appearance at the next networking event.

2. Experiment new shapes

Source: Cool Material

Who said that your Business Card must necessarily have the usual rectangular shape? It is certainly the cheapest solution, but is it part of the “cheap” identity of your brand? Business cards can also have rounded edges and make a difference!

There are a variety of fun shapes that you can use in your Business Card design, if they suit your industry. If you own a soap company, explore more round shapes like ovals in your next business card. Non-traditional shapes are captivating and can go a long way in creating a unique and memorable first impression. If you own an aquarium supply store, model your business cards like a fish. The possibilities are endless.

Having die-cut business cards is significantly more expensive, so be careful when exploring unique forms for your business cards. When considering long-term benefits, Brand Awareness and Brand Identity, the initial upfront costs may be worth it.

3. Be unique with the material

Source: Wood House

There are tons of options to avoid the classic paper business card. You could experiment with thicker paper, raised elements or even a coarser, natural-looking card that features fascinating variations that will make each card in your set unique.

Another option is plastic business cards. Plastic is becoming increasingly popular as a business card material due to its durability and infinite applications. In fact, any material other than paper will differentiate you from the competition and naturally direct the conversation towards yourself and your business. From metal to cardboard, the options for experimentation are endless.

Leave conventionality to boring people!

The purpose of the design is to simplify things, especially when it comes to transmitting information to the reader. Be bold and on the cutting edge with your next Business Card.

In addition to the usual information such as your name and number, include something unexpected. It could be something as simple as an icon or even a “fun fact” about you or your business. The ideas are endless. You may even go so far as to put your contact information around the edge of the card to force the viewer to interact with the card.

By combining one or all of the above design ideas, you could end up with a unique and crazy business card design that will surely tell you that you are different. With Remake we will take care of all the creativity, we only need a couple of your guidelines!


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